Free Stories

Short story

Hard to Be an Artist – coming of age – 1089 words – 2018-07-17
What to do when a kid steals 80% of your grocery budget for the week?

Truth Be Told – Christian fiction – 898 words – 2018-07-23
Sister story to “Hard to Be an Artist”; crime will cost you your peace of mind.

Flash Fiction

Hellhounds – psychological horror – 480 words – 2016-09-30
Hell is real… and it’s after her.

Creative Nonfiction

Happy Endings – creative non-fiction/romance – 563 words – 2017-12-18
My real-life fairytale.

The Bat, The Man, and Dracula – creative non-fiction – 856 words 2018-10-31

All stories are my own.



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