Back to writing!

beesy smallSometimes things look almost perfect: you make a schedule for yourself, you stick to it and get brilliant results. You’re thrilled and want that to last forever. But then… life happens and you get overwhelmed again, running in all directions like a headless chicken: precisely what I’ve been doing for the past, uh… 3 months? Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do actual running, which I usually do during the spring to shed the extra pounds gained during the winter; I only got to make money, which admittedly had become my top priority: going hungry from lack of money is not my preferred weight loss strategy.


It’s okay; I know I’m not good with changes, and going from unemployment to working over 50 hours a week is one drastic change. But now, things are settling down, I’ve reduced my working hours to 40-50 hours maximum, and now I’m ready to rethink my schedule. It’s irregular because of my husband’s schedule… but upon the whole, here’s how my time is distributed:

weekly time distribution

Okay, so this doesn’t look too bright (aside from the colours I chose): 5.5 hours is short for me to research/write/edit/revise a blog post, but it’ll have to do. I’m not too happy with having only 7 hours a week to write fiction either, or only 3.5 hours to read, but there isn’t much I can do about it. It’s more than I have for, say, exercising.

I’ll try to steal a few hours when my daughter is playing alone (I’m encouraging her to play alone because that’s something that doesn’t come naturally to her) and the necessary house chores are taken care of to get some writing or blogging done. I might consider handwriting short stories or making detailed plans on paper during those times. I’ve been thinking about writing a series of “episodes” for Wattpad or this blog, or both. That might not even be possible considering speech is the one thing that makes it impossible for me to focus and my daughter is talking all the time, but… I’ll see.

I could also go jogging with my princess in the stroller when it doesn’t rain.

I wish I could cut my hours of sleep to 56 (8 hours/day), but with the pills I take, even sleeping 9 hours a day is a stretch: ideally, I’d sleep 10-12 hours a day. So much time lost.

I can do this!

tiredI hope. Very honestly, I feel tired just thinking about it. But I have to do this. I want to. That’s the way forward, the one leading to my someday being able to call myself a professional writer; the one that won’t make me feel like I’m wasting my time. Not to mention that this schedule will end with the summer: this fall I’m taking a creative writing course and so I’ll free 8-10 hours/week off my work schedule for that purpose. My schedule will still be tight, but a bigger proportion of it will be devoted to writing and that’s encouraging.

Seriously, I can do this.


11 thoughts on “Back to writing!

  1. Very inspirational!
    It’s amazing how much of our time is spent at work.
    You read a lot! I am trying to read more than a couple hours a day, but I always get so dang distracted. Lol.

    Love this!

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    • I know! I probably wouldn’t hate working half as much if it didn’t mean I had practically no time for anything else, but that’s life. Besides, this dissatisfaction fuels my motivation to become a professional writer.

      Thank you for your comment! ^_^


  2. You CAN do this! I’m glad you manage to set aside time in your busy schedule to work towards your dream. It’s easy to procrastinate thinking that one day we’ll have more time or money but that day may never come so we have work towards our goals in the present 🙂

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    • I know! I’ve been procrastinating a lot in the beginning of my career, focusing on my job like I thought I had to, but at length it felt like… a life sentence. My depression opened my eyes as to what makes life worth living for me: writing and learning. “Do more of what makes you happy” is a very wise quote indeed… especially when not doing what makes you happy almost killed you once. XD

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  3. Wow, it must be very eye opening to see exactly how your time plays out like this. I may try it! I think the important thing to remember is that our lives are fluid and nothing is ever perfectly scheduled. Every now and then I like to do a life audit: I evaluate my hobbies, habits, relationships, etc to determine if I’m living the life I want to. It seems like you already do this! Best of luck to you.

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    • Indeed! My life has changed ridiculously often over the past 7 years. Life audits have proven necessary every time a single change happened. Some people might be able to “go with the flow” without thinking much about it, but I can’t. I have to plan everything first.

      Besides, evaluating how I spend my time keeps me away from those hobbies that I like, but that ultimately don’t make me happy (like watching TV or playing video games), to focus on those things that are *really* important. I also helps me have more realistic expectations of how much is humanly possible for me to do.

      Thank you for you comment!


  4. Such an interesting post! I love that you broke down how you spend your hours for the entire week. I used to be so organized before I had my so 8 months ago. I would even write down the cleaning I wanted to achieve each day. Now when I go to write in my planner things I want to get done for each day of the week it just doesn’t happen. Some days my son naps and sleeps when I put him down at night. But then some nights he doesn’t want to sleep alone at all so nothing gets done. The joys of parenthood! I have learned to go with the flow even though I still “plan” my days, not everything gets achieved which is ok.

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    • Oh my, I feel you. I admire women who can keep some kind of organisation with babies or toddlers at home. It’s not a talent I have. ^^; I’ve started getting back on my feet only somewhere toward my daughter’s 3rd year, and probably mostly because I had time both off-work and sans-child… Now my daughter is almost 4, so, aside from anything linked to the weather, my days with her are mostly plannable.

      Best wishes for your little family and you, and thank you for your comment! ^_^


  5. I’m really feeling you on this one: I have just uploaded my first blog post in… err… some time – I wrote it weeks ago but just hadn’t got around to posting it. I’m going to try to post at least once a week from now on, no matter how much else is going on – I may well not manage it, but at least I can try!

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    • I hope you can! I find that making a clear, precise and possibly public commitment is very useful to reach one’s goals, especially when it comes to blogging. For me, it helps make blogging or writing actual priorities, which in turn makes me willing to go to great lengths to deliver results like I would do, say, for work or school work. Good luck! You can do it!


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