Confession of a hopeless hobbyist

I’ve talked in several posts about how I gave up most of my hobbies to focus on writing, but that just made room for new hobbies to appear.

Remember in February when I said I had learned how to knit? Well, in March I accidentally learned how to crochet. Late April I’ve started practising the piano regularly again and am even shopping for an actual piano (I only have a cheapo keyboard). And now I’m considering taking horseback riding lessons and trying my hand at woodwork. Not to mention there’s a dress I really want to sew (sewing being an old hobby).IMG_20170209_161210b


There are some definite advantages to being like this: I am fairly polyvalent. Reading a makes me an open-minded and knowledgeable person. Writing keeps me sane by helping me express feelings I would otherwise no know what to do with.

I’m glad I’ve learned how to sew, knit and crochet. They’re both useful and anti-anxiety. That’s also the case for gardening, and I’m sure I would find woodworking extremely useful as a homeowner.

Jogging, cycling and yoga are also useful hobbies for my health. Karate, Judo, Aikido and Muay Thai contributed to making me able to defend myself if I ever was attacked. Swimming and dancing kept from becoming way overweight when I was in high school and ate a lot of junk.

Lolita fashion helped me stop apologising for who I was and feel better in my own skin. Donjons and Dragons is my one regular activity with friends and that is tremendously important, considering I’ve never been so close to being a shut-in.

Even watching TV, while not super useful for most people, is okay for me as a writer. It’s also one of the few things that still brings my husband and me together. However, I don’t tend to indulge too much in it, because it’s too closely related to reading and writing: it triggers pop-ups in my brain regarding the different stories I should be reading or writing instead.

However, I fail to find a tangible usefulness to my learning Japanese, Russian and Korean (I mean, I have no ambition to work for the Canadian Security Intelligence Service or anything), collecting BJDs (dolls like the one modeling my handmade scarf above) and Lego bricks, drawing, playing guitar and piano, playing video games, etc. I guess they help build my general knowledge and can also be anti-anxiety, but… so would a much, much handier hobby like cooking. But for the life of me, I cannot stay interested very long in that. It takes too long, and it bores me, and I don’t even like eating to begin with.

cloud-2I know that this, like my perfectionism, can be as much of a quality as it can be a fault: it’s a quality because it makes me a very polyvalent person, but a fault when it makes a scattered person. It makes me resourceful, but it’s also a sign that I have my head in the clouds when I not-so-secretly wish I had my feet on the ground.

I’ll have to accept that, too, and just focus on keeping some balance.

Besides, knowing a little about a lot of things can come in handy when writing stories. Actually, I’m sort of planning a story about a woodworker and a… not sure what the guy’s occupation will be.

Thank you for passing by, and please feel free to share about your own hobbies: I’d love to read about them.

On a side note, I’ll now post on Mondays, instead of Sundays.

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48 thoughts on “Confession of a hopeless hobbyist

  1. Wow, you are so incredible with all these hobbies….. My hobbies include dancing, writing, surfing the internet, finding natural alternative to almost everything, watching Korean TV series… Thanks for sharing your hobbies

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    • Nice! I’ll have to check your blog sometime.

      What kind of dance do you do? I used to do belly dancing and funky. Now I’m more into English Country dances, but I can only do it in Montreal and that’s a 3 hours drive from my home. ^^;

      I also *love* Korean TV dramas. My favourite ever is Coffee Prince. I’m in love with Noh Sun-Ki (Kim Jae-Wook). ^^; What’s yours?

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      • I do contemporary and a bit of hip hop, love Latin dance too. Belly dancing is cool too but do can’t do the fast rhythm.
        I love coffee Prince too. My favourites include Kang Chi(Gumiho), My love from another star, secret garden, empress ki….. I like Kim Jae Wook too but Kim Soon Hyun from my love from another star is cuter. My best Korean actresses include Park shin hye, Ha ji won, Gong hyo jin, Park Min Yong…..
        Am currently watching king 2 heart.

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      • Nice! Those are my two favourite styles to watch (some of the choreographies in the TV show “So You Think You Can Dance” are just… wouaaaah!

        Oh yes, Secret Garden! It is glorious! And Falling for Innocence. I had started “My love from another star”, but I the time I was looking for something different. I should really finish it.

        I love Park Shin Hye too: I saw her in “You’re Beautiful” (really loved that one too). I don’t know the last two actresses…

        I’m currently watching K-Pop Extreme Survival and it is great. It satisfies my thirst for more “You’re Beautiful”. The girl disguising herself as a boy has always been one of my favourite tropes. 😛

        I’ll have to note the titles of the other series…

        Oh dear, I almost forgot to mention Dr Frost, another favourite of mine; it’s among my top psychological thrillers, with Japanese drama Liar Game and Japanese manga Death Note.

        Oh great, now I’m in full-on fangirl mode and want nothing more than to watch dramas all week. XD

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      • Am a huge fan of so you think you can dance. Have not seen Dr Frost. You are beautiful is just wow.

        Have you watched Emergency couple, marriage without dating, night watchmen, moon embracing the sun, sungyunkwan scandal, love rain, heartstrings, goddess of fire. I love those too

        Will check extreme survival out. Saranghe unni and chingui

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      • Marriage, Not Dating and Heartstrings are on my watch-list… I’ll have to add the others. ^_^

        Hehe, first time I’m being called unnie; I’ve always found that one of the cutest Korean word.

        Jal ga!

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      • Oh, Rooftop Prince, I like that title! I’ll note those too. I guess I’m a bit of a newbie in Korean dramas: I used to focus on Japanese dramas because I was learning that language (I’ve only started learning Korean recently).


  2. Wow! You are a hugely talented person. My hobbies sound very silly compared to those. They are mostly writing, “trying to write!”, reading, listening and singing along to music (without caring about how I might actually sound like!) among others. Nothing as amazing as yours! 😀

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    • Hahaha, I’ve never said I was any good in any of those hobbies though. *caugh caugh*

      I love listening to music too: I almost always do when I work or when I write. And I sing along, too, especially in the car. I don’t sing very well, but my family doesn’t seem to mind when trapped in the car with me, haha. I think my husband actually likes it since I recovered from depression, because it’s a sign that I’m “back to normal”. 😛

      I must admit I love hearing people sing, too, even when they have terrible voices. It’s like singing = happiness.

      And really, it’s not about the quantity or the types of hobbies, it’s about whether they make you feel good. ^_^

      Thank you for commenting!

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  3. I have a ton of hobbies as well – knitting, crochet, sewing, scrap booking, painting, gardening. I also used to play guitar. I think there’s a season for everything. I don’t play guitar anymore, but I’m not in a band anymore. I don’t enjoy just playing by myself. Scrapbooking usually happens in the winter, gardening in the summer. I think if you’re organized about your hobbies, there’s no need for them to get scattered.
    – Christine

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  4. I feel like hobbies always keep us grounded to what we really love in this world, opposed to what the rest of the world wants us to love. This is a great post, Leo changing as long as it’s still you

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  5. That’s just amazing how many things you can do. With so many hobbies and the spirit to constantly learn new things, I doubt you’ll ever feel bored 😉
    As for me I am currently learning to “swing dance”. It’s fun, you should try it if you haven’t already 😉

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    • Oh hey, that’s right, I’m never bored. ^_^ I sometimes forget that. It’s kind of a cool upside of having too many hobbies. XD

      I’ve never done swing dance; the closest I’ve done was rock and roll, but it was only one year and for the high school play (Grease! I was Rizzo, haha). Maybe some day I’ll try swing if I have the opportunity. ^_^


    • I don’t know about sleeping, but eating and walking can surely be called hobbies. What about photography and writing/blogging, though? Oh, and was it not you who had a Lego minifigure collection? 😛

      It’s funny because I’ve always considered myself a low energy person: I’ve had sleeping problems most of my life which caused me to be tired most of the time. One of my sharpest memory of my high school days was me, lying down on the porch swing, contemplating my mother’s garden and daydreaming about elves and mages and warriors. Yet, I’d still get excited about things sometimes and run on that excitement.

      I’m better now because I take pills or herbal tea mix to help me sleep, but I still get the most things done when I’m excited: without it, I tire quickly and can be very idle.

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      • For sure, sleeping makes such a huge difference to one’s energy levels and ability to just face the day. I’m glad to hear that you are on the mend and that those herbal teas can help (I find camomile tea especially calming).
        You have awesome memory, I have a million side hobbies which keep me sane (movies Lego travelling reading writing indoor rock climbing not to mention am the biggest daydreamer), but they somehow pale by comparison to my all time passions for eating and sleeping. 😂 Thanks for being so open and honest about your posts.

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    • Nice! I wish I had more time to learn chess… I had started learning tactics through, but in the end… I just have too many things to do. Maybe if I didn’t put so much thought into my every move I could do a “quick game of chess” instead of a “quick game of solitaire” once in a while… Hum, food for thought…

      Thanks for passing by and keep it up! I think chess is a badass hobby. ^_^

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      • Thanks Ida, im not really good in chess maybe when i was a bit younger 🙂 oh i do like candy crush soda 🙂 not that its a hobby 🙂

        Well I’ve joined wordpress mid may and i am still customizing my u can see i haven’t even thought about a photo on my profile 🙂 and a bit slow in going around reading blogs, though i have come across some that i will re visit sometime and then i came across ur site.

        Have good day… see ya.

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      • Oh! Welcome on WordPress, then! ^_^

        It does take an awful lot of time to set up at first. And I don’t know about you, but I like everything to be well organised, so I have to work on that from time to time (I’m way overdue making my writing tips and book review more easy to find).

        I also have a hard time keeping up with blogs. ^^; That’s life. But hey, as long as you keep active, you should have a great blogging experience, both as a blogger and as a reader.

        Good luck!


  6. Hi. I found your blog through the Community Pool. I like your writing style very much. Good for you for exploring all kinds of hobbies. There is no need to stick to the same ones long-term, but you’ll never forget how to do them. Maybe someday you’ll pick old ones up again, or maybe you’ll just keep exploring new things. It is a great education.

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    • Thanks a lot!

      I do pick up old ones from time to time in a kind of rotation… But an increasing number of hobbies means a decreasing amount of time for each. ^^; But it’s fine: they all make me happy. ^_^

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    • Meh, it’s not like I actually take classes… I’ve learned most of my hobbies over the Internet, so I don’t have to commit to them for months. Plus that doesn’t require me to meet people. ^^; I have to think long and hard about even taking one class, though.

      Thank you!


  7. You make it seem like having too many hobbies is a bad thing but I think it’s the opposite. You’re exploring and learning all these new skills that may come in handy one day. If I had more time on my hands I’d definitely do more but this parenting thing is really taking up most of my time. 🙂

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    • It can be both a good and a bad thing… I like that it makes me versatile, but I don’t like that it makes me “scattered”. I admire people who can focus on just one thing and stick to it and become “masters”… I’ll probably never be a master of anything. But my hobbies make me happy, and at the end of the day, that’s what is really important.

      I know, parenting takes so much time! It’s like having a second full-time job, which can unexpectedly require over-time. ^^; But it’s so interesting; there’s so much to learn.


  8. I’m the same way about my hobbies and interests! (And feeling guilty when they distract me from my writing…) Oh, anxiety. I was actually thinking the other day about how if I could narrow all my time and focus down to one thing I would probably be really accomplished at it at this point–but then I thought about how I only have the one life and if I only focused on one thing, I’d always wonder about the talents and interests I could have explored instead! So I think this master of none approach is going to still be what works best for me… just, well, maybe not for my writing.

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