Blogger Recognition Award

blogger-recognition-awardOne of my favourite things about blogging is the sense of community I get from it. So I was thrilled when Pamela, the author of afternoon caffeine nominated me for this Blogger Recognition Award. Thank you, Pam!

I started my blog on October 2nd, 2016 after having thought about it for about a month. Considering how much time I spend thinking about stuff before doing them, it means it all started on a whim, haha.

I decided what content I’d share even before writing my first post, in which I declared my intentions to post something every Sunday and a book review every first Sunday of the month. So: I had a plan, I had a realistic goal and I had made a public commitment… sounds like a recipe for success! Success meaning, not publishing 5 posts and then forget about the blog entirely for the next 2 years. Not that I ever did that. Ahem. Okay, maybe I did.carouselleriecreative_pinkishblooms_elements_foliage-12Now I’m supposed to give advice. Me, the baby blogger. Let me share tools I use instead:

1) I use Grammarly, to double check my English. It’s a free app, easy to install and there is really no reason for you not to use it. I find it better than the WordPress built-in spell check.

butterfly2) A few people have shown interest in my images, so I thought I’d share my “dealer” with you. It’s Creative Market: they share free goods every Monday. Make haste! You still have some time to catch this week’s goods before they change them tomorrow (the butterfly on the left is part of those). I typically download all six of them every Monday and classify everything so I can find whatever I’m looking for easily. You never know what will be useful.

I nominate the following bloggers:

Those are blogs I enjoy, whether they have thousands of followers or only a dozen.(To the nominees: don’t feel “forced” to do this if you don’t want to… whether you do or not, I’m glad to have an opportunity to share your blog with others.)

The award rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  • Write a post to show your award.
  • Give brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Select 15 other bloggers you want to give this award to.
  • Comment on each blog and let them know you have nominated them and provide the link to the post you created.

Happy blogging!


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