Eeda… Oakland?

What the heck kind of name is that?

It’s an acronym of my real name. Ida has Greek and German origins. Auclond is made up, but I thought it sounded classy. What can I say? I’m a word lover. When there’s a word I don’t like, I change it. Even if it’s my own name. I’m a free spirit like that.

So, who am I then? I’m a writer. Not insane. Well, not particularly sane either, but at least I don’t have to live in a psychiatric hospital… anymore. I’m 28 and I live in a small town in Canada’s untamed French-speaking province with my husband and our daughter.

Okay… and what do you write?

Fiction – mainly novels – in different genres. My current project is a realistic post-modern romance. It’s a standalone aimed at 16+ women scheduled for publication on Wattpad in February. Among my favourite work in progress are a YA fantastique* trilogy (because I’m unambitious like that) and a coming of age high fantasy series of 5 books (talk about unambitious… this one will probably never see the light of day).

*Fantastique is a French term for a literary genre that overlaps with horror and fantasy. What is distinctive about fantastique is the intrusion of supernatural phenomena into an otherwise realist narrative. I guess it could otherwise be described as “dark urban fantasy”, but inserting a French term and writing a 60 words definition is so much more economical… or not.

What will you talk about here?

Books: I will endeavour to publish one book critique every first Sunday of the month. I want to try focusing on indie books, but… it might be a challenge for me. I’ll talk more on that subject later. October will be the exception to the rule, since I am posting my self-introduction instead.

Writing: I plan on sharing my favourite writing tools, writing books, and writing strategies. I might post a short story or two. We’ll see if I can manage to remain within the 7,500-word limit.

Life experiences: Sometimes I get philosophical or introspective, so I will post about life experiences. There might also be an occasional article on things I like and things that inspire me.

When will you post?

I will start by publishing once a week on Sundays and see how it goes.

Who’s your target audience?

Fellow writers of all ages, bookworms and… really anyone who shows interest in my rambles. My goal in creating this blog is to connect with people sharing my interests. In the comments of this post, I allow you (and even encourage you) to share any blog you own or enjoy that mainly focuses on fiction.

Where can I stalk you?

On Twitter, Instagram, WattpadFacebook and Pinterest, though for now I am mainly active on Twitter.

This is it for today. Have a good week!

“Aprils have never meant much to me, autumns seem that season of beginning, spring.”
― Truman Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany’s


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